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A lot of people write these about sections in the third person.  “Jeffrey Heisler is a strikingly handsome and extremely intelligent man etc.”  I’m not going to do that.  I’m writing this myself.  I haven’t hired out the job, so why pretend?

My name is Jeffrey Heisler.  I’m a writer and an educator- maybe part philosopher.  I’m a humorist if you have the same sense of humor.  If not, them I’m a writer who tells dumb jokes.

At the moment, the writer in me is concerned because there are already too many “I”s in this About description.  It might not be avoidable considering the task, but it bothers me.  I mention this so you don’t think my writing is sloppy, and the irritation might tell you something about myself.  Then again, maybe not.

As an educator most of my career was spent working with at-risk youth, many in court-ordered residential placements.  It was a great privilege to work with these fine young people, and though it sounds cliche it was immensely rewarding.  I learned as much from them as they learned from me.  Maybe more.

I’ve taught nearly every subject in nearly every setting, with the exception of elementary school (teachers will tell you, that’s a whole ‘nother world.)  I’ve taught regular education and special education (I have a MA in Special Education.)  At some point in my career I’ve taught in small rural schools, large urban schools, public schools, charter schools, and everything in between.

The average career span for teachers who teach students with emotional impairments, my specialty, is 5 years.  I’ve done it for 14.  This isn’t to brag, it’s to help you see why taking a break to write is a healthy thing to do.

My mother saved a yellowed, crayon scribbled stack of papers bound with string titled “Jeff’s First Book- Aged 5″  Those were the only words there- everything else was wavy lines across the page- but writing was obviously an interest.

I’ve been a copywriter, a part-time columnist, content provider, and essayist for many years.  Now I’m adding blogger to the list.

Many creative people will tell you they create regardless of an audience, and I’m the same.  But there’s something very poignant when a stranger calls or writes to tell you an article touched them or made them laugh on a rotten day.  I’m hoping for more of that.

My lovely wife Emma and I have been married since 2010.  We have two dogs that keep us busy and entertained- a Dachshund mix named Tika and a Beagle mix named Misti.  Despite the name, Misti is a boy- but that’s another story for another time.

That’s a little about me.  I encourage you to add your thoughts and comments to my posts and vlogs.  I’d like to know you all better too.

– Jeffrey Heisler


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