A Few Thoughts

Summer Vacation

Summer Vacation

  I’m a teacher and I’m on summer vacation. This sounds wonderful if you’re not a teacher, but if you are you know it’s not all it’s cracked up to be. I’m busy. Busy doing…

My Moment With Muhammad Ali

Years ago Muhammad Ali came to visit Starr Commonwealth, a school for troubled boys where I was teaching at the time. Despite occasionally becoming tired, he spent all day at our school. He took the…

Staying at the Hotel

Staying in a hotel is one of the better things in life.  It’s a little home away from home, but with none of the responsibility.  That’s nice.

The Good Old Days

People like to talk about the good old days, the way things used to be when they were somehow better.  Well there may be times in the past that shine brightly in our memory, but…