The Chicago Cubs Win the World Series. In Other News…

Chicago Cubs win World Series
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The Chicago Cubs won the World Series.

In other news, Jimmy Hoffa was found unharmed in a Boca Raton retirement village.

Jimmy Hoffa alive

Britney Spears has just been awarded the Nobel Prize in theoretical physics for her work measuring the change in the velocity of quantum particles escaping neutron stars.
Numerous farmers have submitted reports of their cows returning home. “I hadn’t seen Bessie in 30 years,” one farmer said.


Donald Trump was recently spotted sincerely apologizing for something.


And lastly Laguardia airport shut down for 40 minutes until a flock of pigs flew a safe distance from the runway.

The Chicago Cubs won the world series, so now pigs can fly.

That’s the news for now, be sure to join us at 11.

Photo credits – Cows Michelle Bradley, Britney Spears Eva Rinaldi, Trump Gage Skidmore, Sign Libby Marr, Retiree, Lauren Mitchell



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