Aren’t We All An Excellent Driver?

Driver driving car
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Does it seem to you that every driver on the road is a worse driver than you are?   Now statistically this can’t be true, but we’re all convinced.

I, for example, am an excellent driver. I’ve never been in an accident.  Well, never one that I caused. Some may dispute that, but they have a right to be wrong.  DrivingI never speed, but whenever I’ve been pulled over for it I’ve assured the police it was an oversight.  I just sort of daydreamed and wasn’t paying attention, I tell them.  I’m not really a speeder.  They didn’t all believe me.

Little Old Lady Driver

The lovely Mrs. Franhouser.








Other drivers give us a lot of reasons to get irritated on the road. Some people drive too slow and seem to enjoy doing this in a no passing zone. When this happens it looks like there’s a funeral procession when there isn’t one. We’re not following a hearse to the cemetery, we’re following Mrs. Wilbur Franhouser, who may be 93 but still very much alive.  She’s on her way to have her hair done and she’s in no hurry at all. I wish Mrs. Franhouser no ill will, but I wish she’d step on it.

Some drive too fast all the time, even in the city. This never made sense to me.  It’s too often that I see some jerk in a sports car fly by and then moments later we’re side by side at the stoplight. How much time are they really saving?

Every so often I imagine this driver is a doctor on his way to the hospital for some important emergency- but  I doubt any were. I’m not convinced many doctors would have a license plate that reads BLING1.  I should hope they’d be more mature than that.


License Plate for Arrogant Driver

Traffic Light - Driver hate's waiting.


One of the worst things that can happen when you’re driving is when you need to turn right at a red light and the guy in front of you wants to go forward and has to wait.  You can’t turn because he’s in the way.  Geeze I hate that.  He just sits there till the light changes, and the whole time you’re thinking “Gosh, I’d be home now if he’d just turn right.”  The other driver clearly was inconsiderate of my travel arrangements when he planned his route.  I try not to get in the right hand lane when I have to go straight at a light.  Again, I’m a clearly a better driver.

Other drivers seem awful distracted to me.  Despite all the hands-free technology today, I see a lot of phones out when there shouldn’t be.  I never do that, well rarely.  I usually answer the phone when my wife calls.  But that’s ok, cause I’m an excellent driver- just like you.

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