Great Discoveries

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Great Discoveries: Grog, Father of Cheese

Great Discoveries

The wheel huh? Meh.

Everyone wonders about the invention of the wheel. How did it happen?  Who had the bright idea in the first place?  Awww, big deal.

Whoever this fellow is- I’m not impressed.

Now show me the guy who discovered cheese.  That’s impressive.

I like to imagine how it must have gone.

“Grog, no drink milk.  Gone all chunky.”

“Chunky?  Grunt!  But Grog so hungry!”

What happened next was a milestone in human history.  Grog did something no one had ever dared to do before.  He looked closely at The-Chunky-Stuff-That-Used-To-Be-Milk. He poked at it a few times.  Smelled it, looked self-consciously over both shoulders and TOOK A BITE!

“Hey,” Grog must have shouted.  “This stuff ain’t bad.  Hey guys, check this out!”

I’m thinking Grog was in all likelihood an instant celebrity.  All the girls probably fawned over him.  No one had ever been brave enough to taste The-Chunky-Stuff-That-Used-To-Be-Milk.   What a guy!

Next time you have pizza, be thankful that Grog had the courage to try cheese.  Think about it. At first glance cheese looks like something you shouldn’t eat under any circumstances.

I’m sure all the tribe members taught their children that you can’t eat The-Chunky-Stuff-That-Used-To-Be-Milk.  Grog’s mother probably taught him the same thing.  But Grog dared to be different- and the world of dairy has never been the same.

Other Impressive Discoveries:

– The first human who thought- “Hey, instead of the animal chasing me, maybe I can chase the animal!”

– The people who invented beer.  Again- someone has to eat something that’s clearly gone bad.

– How about the guy who invented shaving?  How did this happen?

– The guy who discovered pants.

Each one of these people decided to take a risk and be different.  That’s the human spirit.

Think of all the times in history when someone said, “It can’t be done,” and someone with curiosity and drive proved them wrong.

It happens in our own lives all the time.

“You can’t play basketball.”

“You can’t be a singer.”

“A doctor?  You?  Forget it!”

When you hear these things, it’s easy to take them to heart- to accept them as fact.  That’s why we must never forget Grog- Father of Cheese.  Follow his example and take a risk.  Do The-Thing-That-Can’t-Be-Done.

Who knows what could happen?



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