Judging Others

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We all judge people, even if we try not to.  It’s a very human thing to do and I think it get’s a bad rap.  We should, for example, judge people on their merits instead of the color of their skin.  We should not judge others to elevate ourselves.  Judgement gives us a way to measure the world, and with no judgement at all survival would be sketchy.  There is a difference in fruit in the wild.  Some berries will kill you- others won’t.  Judging keeps us alive.

The most famous quote about judging comes from the Bible.  “Judge not lest ye be judged,” it says.  I feel this quote is often misunderstood.  People read it as an admonishment not to judge at all.  Horsefeathers.  It says if we judge others we should be prepared to be judged ourselves.  I’m fine with that.

There are things people do that deserve negative judgement.  Criminals, abusers, and those who use two spaces to park all deserve to be judged accordingly. There’s nothing wrong with this.  I’m willing to have my own faults examined for the sake of criticising those who would harm others.  Go ahead. Make my day.

That’s not to say there’s a lot of bad examples of judgement.  If you judge people on their race then be prepared to be judged as a bigot yourself.  People who judge in an effort to control others aren’t truly judging- they’re bullying.  There’s a difference.

There’s good and bad judgement just as there are good and bad essays.

Feel free to judge for yourself.




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