Pet Peeves

Pet Peeves
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It’s time, once again, for a collection of pet peeves.  They sort of collect in the back of my mind until they must be released for the sake of sanity.  Here goes:


  • People in front of you in line who somehow manage to make ordering fast food complicated. You’re standing behind them ready to say “The number one with diet,” and some guy is ordering items individually, told a combo would be better, has to decide, orders something else instead.  Wants to know what’s on each item.  Now wants the various sauce options listed.  Wasn’t sure they heard one they wanted.  Asks for the list repeated, and on and on and on.  In the end, he would have ordered the number 2.  My favorite instance- a man in front of me was asked what size fries he wanted.  He shifted on his feet a bit and scratched his head before saying “Them there long ones.”  I swear this happened.


  • Women at the checkout who take half the items out of their purse to find their wallet and must then spend the next 5 minutes putting everything back before they can move out of the way.


  • Microwave popcorn. Make it on the stove.  It’s better.


  • Cats who rub against your leg and make it seem like they simply adore you before doing the same thing to the leg of the coffee table.


  • People who stand outside their parked car in front of a store waiting to load something in it when they do so right under a sign that says “No parking, standing, or loading.”


  • Any liver dish that’s not Foie Gras.


  • The sour apple in Skittles. These ruined Skittles for me.


  • TV shows who run just over their advertised time so my DVR cuts off the very end.


  • Anyone who says “This is the worst this country has ever been,” as if the Depression had never occurred.


  • Anyone who talks politics with the attitude that anyone on the other side is an idiot and is always wrong.


  • Checkout counter employees that ask if you found everything you were looking for now that you’re about to leave the store.


  • Living in an apartment complex with other people who have the same make, model, and color car you do. We’re always trying to get in the wrong car.


  • Getting to the end of a list I’ve enjoyed reading.



What are some of your pet peeves?

Tell us about them the comment section below.




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