Spring is Here

Spring blossomsSpring in a beautiful meadow.
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Spring is here- or so they say.  Here in Michigan it can be hard to tell.  It’s May now, and we’ve had everything from frost to stifling 80 degree days.  There are times when those of us who live in here have no idea how to dress in the morning.  This is one of those times.

Despite the fickle weather, spring is always welcome.  It seems to have more fans than any other season.  I’m not surprised.

The season, I believe, appeals to the hope inherent in mankind.  Out of cold, desolate, dark days the world comes alive again.  Shades of gray are pushed aside by vibrant greens, and the infinate spectrum of wildflowers, birds, and sunsets.


Spring Flowers


The air comes alive as well.  What once was a mournful whistle of wind becomes a symphony of birdsong mixed with the laughter of playful children.  Even the wind sings a cheerful tune as it caresses the sprouting leaves.  And while the air fills with bright melodies it carries the scents of renewal as well.  The newly cut grass and the earthy smell of the richened soil strikes us with more pleasure that the smell of the finest food.

As the world comes alive again, so too have our senses.

The faces I see seem to wear a mask of subtle relief.  We have survived the bitter, dark winter and better things are to come.

What is true of nature must be true of life.

Everything’s renewed in time.

In everything there’s hope and beauty.

Have a wonderful spring.





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