An Essay on Tables

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I’m sitting here typing at a table.  In this case the kitchen table, which is the largest uncluttered surface in the house.  That’s why I’m here.

Tables have it tough.  They’re really underappreciated, so I’m going to take a few moments to carefully consider tables.  I’m sure they’ll be happy for it.

What would we do in a world without tables?  Where would we put all our stuff on that we can’t shove into a drawer or a closet?  What would we do about eating?

Don’t tell me we could eat in front of the tv.  That requires either a coffee table, a tv table, or else awkwardly holding your plate.  It’s undignified. Eating is best done at a table.

Let’s think about the kinds of tables there are.  There’s kitchen tables, bedside tables, end tables,  coffee tables, picnic tables, ping-pong tables, and pool tables just to name a few.

Some tables are famous.  The long table at the White House where the cabinet meets seems to get featured on tv a lot.  King Arthur had his round table.

Tables can be made of many things.  My kitchen table here is made of wood.  Some are made of metal, glass, plastic, or some combination those things.

Every table has a job.  It’s a place to put something.  There are some tables that are a place for your lamps or your remote controls.  Others might just have a vase on it.  That’s its job.  To be a place for the vase.  Not every table is equal.

Right now my table is a place for my laptop as I type.  It’s also where I put the medicine I just got at the drugstore.  I haven’t bothered to put it away yet.  I came in the door and set it on the table.  My table is often a place for temporary storage.

Back in the very, very old days we used to sit around the campfire to eat our dinner.  Now we have tables.  It’s the best use of a table, especially when those sitting at it are family and friends.  When it comes to tables, those are the best kind.




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