I Still Believe in Santa Claus

I still believe in Santa Claus. I don’t remember when I first heard of St. Nicholas.  Does anyone?  But I remember the sense of wonder and excitement I felt on Christmas Eve.  It’s not the kind of…

If Disgruntled Is a Word, What is Gruntled?

There are some words that stand out to me more than others ’cause they just strike me in a funny way. Today, for example, I read an article where someone was described as “disgruntled.” That…

Presidential Debate Stage

Presidential Debate Questions

Presidential debates have gotten nastier than ever. In an effort to assure a calm, respectful event in the future, I submit the following suggestions for debate topics. 1. Shampoo bottles advocate that you should lather,…

Staying at the Hotel

Staying in a hotel is one of the better things in life.  It’s a little home away from home, but with none of the responsibility.  That’s nice.