The Good Old Days

Credit - Daniel X. O'Neil
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People like to talk about the good old days, the way things used to be when they were somehow better.  Well there may be times in the past that shine brightly in our memory, but in the end, with the exception of advances in science, I’m not convinced we are any better or worse off than we always were.  The world, in my opinion, isn’t going to hell in a handbasket.  The handbasket’s sitting comfortably on the shelf, where it’s always been.

Some talk about our moral decline.  Well people doing bad things in the world are nothing new.  There have always been bad people.  Most are good.  The problem is that there are more of us now, and today’s technology allows us to hear every instance of evil and injustice as it happens.  The injustice of the past was not often known the rest of the world.  It is now, and it makes it seem worse than it really is.


Some complain about what technology is doing to us.  There are parents who fret about their child when all they see of them is the back of their cell phone.  There may be something to worry about here, but then there have always been complaints like this and we’ve survived.  Somewhere in the past parents worried that the kids today want to write everything on their clay tablets, and no one bothers writing in stone anymore.  But look at us- we turned out just fine.

On the whole, people are good.  I truly believe that.  They look out for one another and rise to the challenges of life.  They’ve always been this way, and they always will.  If you ask me, the good old days aren’t left behind somewhere in the distant past- but here today and tomorrow.

This one wasn’t very funny.  Sorry.


Photo credits – JhaymesisviphotographyDaniel X. O’Neil




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