We Hate Paying Taxes, But What’s the Alternative?

Taxes. We all hate to pay them, but what choice do we have?Taxes. We all hate to pay them, but what choice do we have?
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We obviously are overtaxed and there are too many loopholes people use to get out of paying them, but how do we get the things we ask for without paying taxes?

I saw a list of taxes online recently, and a lot of people were complaining.

Taxes people are complaining about.

Taxes people are complaining about.

Drivers license fees were on the list. Well, when you get a driver’s license, who should pay the employee who takes your picture and how do we pay for the physical paper and plastic of the license itself?  Do we go without licenses?  Is that a good idea?

Highway tolls pay for the maintenance of the highway so only those who use it pay for its upkeep.  The same it true of gasoline taxes.  How else should we pay those who fix the roads, or for the equipment and materials required to do it?  Should we do away with highways and roads?  I doubt we could.

Without card fees, how does the librarian get paid?  Who buys the books? Do we really want a society without libraries?

Self-employment tax came up.  Self-employment tax is the income tax you pay if you write your own paycheck from a business you own. If the self-employment tax disappeared, a business owner would not have to pay income tax, but the person working for them would.  Is that what we want?  Is that fair?

Without the 911 service tax, who pays the person who answers your emergency call, or the phone bills, the lines, the equipment?  Do we do away with 911 to lower taxes?

1-17th Infantry helps clear 120 kilometers to ShorabakMore than 50% of our taxes go to the military and to veteran’s care.  What exactly do we want to ask our men and women in uniform to do without?  What veteran’s health services should we cut because we don’t want to pay taxes?

While there are plenty of examples of government waste, almost every tax cut is a cut in some service most of us agree should exist.  Without taxes the only way to get these services is to borrow.  If we don’t pay federal taxes and a soldier needs a gun or a doctor, we’re not going to deny it to them, we’re going to borrow the money.

Because we don’t like politicians who raise taxes but we keep asking for things, politicians have borrowed so much that every taxpayer would have to chip in $163,000 to pay it off.  Do we really want to borrow more?  Should we?

oldladypurse Many people say we should cut the budget by eliminating social support programs- but the largest “safety net” items aren’t cash assistance, as many believe. The lion’s share of the budget for social programs is allocated to Social Security and Medicare/Medicaid.  Who wants to tell their grandmother she can’t have her check and needs to pay full price for doctors or medical insurance- and all this after she’s paid into these benefits for her entire life?  There would be a lot of swinging purses and sore heads if we suggested that.
Even the most ardent libertarian thinks there are some things government should do, and of course we’d have to pay for it.

No one forces us to live in this system.  Taxes are an issue in every election from the local to federal level. We don’t have to vote for candidates who keep taxes and deficits in place- but we do.

In a democracy we have the government we want, and if we’re going to be truly and deeply honest with ourselves, we want taxes.

We may hate them, but what considering what we expect of our government, what choice do we have?

Nothing in life is free.


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